Yeast Starter Kit (1000 ml)-Flask, Foam Stopper, Yeast Nutrient, DME Homebrew Beer


This starter kit is for growing yeast starters. The idea is that the starter acts as a mini batch of beer where the yeast cells replicate before being pitched into your 5 gallon batch. More yeast means fermentation starts faster. The bacteria and wild yeast that got into your beer during the transfer from kettle to fermenter have less chance of creating a negative flavor impact in your beer also the increased cell count is needed for high gravity beers (above 1.060 OG). Instead of using 2 or even 3 packs of yeast, grow your own healthy yeast to prevent a brewing disaster.

Kit Contents:
1000ml Erlenmeyer flask
Foam Stopper (allows starter to breath during propagation)
1 lb Pilsen Light DME (Dry Malt Extract)
1 oz Yeast Energizer / Nutrient
Instruction sheet for making yeast starter using your kit

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Yeast Starter

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1 Kit, 1,000 ml