New American White Oak Barrel - 5L (1.32 gal)

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New American White Oak Barrel - 5L (1.32 gal)

This new American White Oak barrel is made by hand and flamed to a medium toast. A small oak barrel is great for ageing your homebrew, homemade wine or spirits. The exterior is raw unvarnished wood, so take care to keep your barrel in tip top shape. The care guide below will give you instructions on to prepare the barrel for first time use, and also how to keep it hydrated and sealed.

Comes standard with a spring-loaded spigot for easy dispensing. An optional stainless steel spigot is also available.


  • 5 L (1.32 gal)
  • American White Oak
  • Medium toast
  • Raw Exterior (Non-Varnished) for easier leak prevention techniques
  • Stainless Alloy Rings coated in a protective black coating
  • Food grade reinforced plastic screw in cork
  • Spring-loaded spigot for easier dispensing
  • Barrel Wax Block
  • Stand included