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You ever think that there must be an easy way to get the grains, hops and yeast that you need, without being stuck with a bunch of extra grain and hops?

Let us build and quote your recipe. Enter your recipe details in the text box below and we will send you an invoice with a price. If you like it, pay the invoice, otherwise have a great day.

Grains and Hops will be quoted to the exact amount down to the nearest 1/10th of an ounce.

You will receive your quote via email and the address entered on the form will be used as the shipping and billing address for tax and shipping calculation purposes.

Recipe details grouped by recipe # if you are including more than 1 recipe.

Recipe #1 - Pilsner Ale
7 lbs Pilsner
1 lb Caramel 10L
1 lb corn sugar
1 oz Willamette hops
1 package White Labs WLP001

Recipe #2 - Chinook Ale
9.5 lbs 2-Row Pale
1.25 lbs Caramel 40L
1.25 oz Chinook at 60 minutes
.50 oz Chinook at 30 minutes
1.5 oz Chinook Dry Hop day 7
1 pkg Fermentis US-05