Lemon Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit – White Claw Clone Recipe


Skip the lemonade stand and get your thirst-quenching lemons in our new lemon hard seltzer. Enjoy the bright refreshing lemon aroma and taste without the hassle of picking and zesting lemons. Kick back and enjoy freshly squeezed lemons in a crushable spritzy beverage that pairs well with pond hockey, or swimming pools if you aren’t in Northern MN. Note: Yeast is included in the kit

Brewing Notes

Style: Alternative Fermentation
Fermentation Range: 60-80F
Original Gravity: 1.035
SRM: 0
IBUs: 0
ABV: 5.5%
Tasting Notes

Aroma: Bright Lemon note
Appearance: Crystal clear with no color
Flavor: Lemon with a slight carbonic bite
Mouthfeel: Very light body with a tongue-tingling effervescence

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