Chapman Brewing Equipment 7 Gallon UniVessel™ Fermenter (Ported)


Port Pre-Drilled and 3-piece Ball Valve Included
Chapman Brewing Equipment
7 Gallon UniVessel™ Fermenter Ported

UniVessel™ Brew Tank

This is the most affordable all stainless steel fermenter available on the market.

The primary function of the unit is as a fermenter, but for those who are tight on space or wanting an economic option it can also double as a kettle.

Plastic buckets will scratch, glass carboys will break, and most stainless steel fermenters are too expensive. The SteelTank is the remedy. It gives you all the benefits of stainless steel at one third the price the average steel fermenter.

The lid comes with a removable/replaceable gasket. They can be replaced every few years to ensure sanitary conditions and ensure the vessel will last you a lifetime.


The most affordable stainless steel fermenter
Pressed gallon markings
Easy to clean
Perfect for 5 gallon batches with plenty of head space
Comes with a #10 rubber stopper and airlock
12″ inner diameter, 16″ height
14″ diameter at widest point and 20″ height (including ball valve and airlock)
3-piece ball valve
*Not recommended for use with high salinity foods (brine)

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