Blichmann BoilCoil – 10 gal. / 240 v


The BoilCoil™ redefines electric heating!  The Only Electric Heating System Certified for Brew Kettles. Unrivaled performance, speed, and simplicity.  Simply plug in a BoilCoil™ immersion heater to an Electric-Tower of Power™ control module for immediate, high efficiency heat.  Ideal for indoor brewing and a perfect companion for your BoilerMaker™G2.  The New BoilerMaker™G2 kettles can be ordered with the holes pre-punched at the factory, or you can easily install yourself by drilling two small 5/8″ holes with our handy drill template.  The BoilCoil™ will also fit most competitor’s kettles and even kegs! We include a 12ft factory wired cable with our custom plug on one end for the BoilCoil™ and a molded twist-lock plug on the other end ready to be plugged into your controller.  Hot, fast, and easy.  Just the way you like it.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 18 × 18 in