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Fridge Storage

Storing Beer Ingredients

Grain Store your grain in an air tight container and keep in a dry environment. Refridgerators and freezers should not be used for storing grains

Jack O Lanterns

How to make a Pumpkin Ale

This is a simple recipe that can be brewed by anyone with basic brewing equipment. The differentiator with pumpkin ales are that they contain 100%

all grains base coffee chocolate rye wheat caramel crystal specialty dark roasted flakes adjuncts

Pilsen or Pilsner Malt?

I found this in a message board: In German, “-er” means something or someone from. So Placenamer means something or someone from Placename. Pilsner malt

Hot Ligour Tank and Mash Tun

Brewday is Friday

I’m brewing a batch of my “Nu Skool IPA” Clone. I developed this clone recipe on my own and this is my 2nd batch using


Improve Mash Efficiency

If your an all-grain brewer, you may want to read this. I always wondered how to determine the efficiency of my mash. While this article

Boiling Wort

All Grain Beer Brewing Steps

Here are the steps I use when brewing all grain beer. Anyone do the same or see any areas for improvement? 1) Pre-Heat the mash

Megapot 1.2 10 Gal No Thermometer

Brew Kettles and Pots

Boil Big or Go Home! Big brew kettles are better. The more wort you boil, the better hops are utilized, and the clearer and paler the beer

Ohio State Fair

Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition

Are you ready? The deadline is almost here. Entry Fee: $6Entry Deadline: 05/15/2018Competition Date: 06/02/ I might be a little late for this one. But I